Best Motorcycle Riding Shoes

In the past, the ideal footwear for motorcycle riding was a pair of heavy, unappealing shoes. The need to strike a balance between beauty and usefulness is becoming more apparent in the industry.

Therefore, the most excellent shoes for riding a motorcycle are easy to find in practically any market nowadays.

However, it would be best to consider some things when choosing motorcycle shoes, like armor, replaceable parts, design, air, circulation, and more. Dive in to get the top shoe options and more about the best motorcycle riding shoes.

Best motorcycle riding shoes for women

Fly Racing Street M16 Shoes

best motorcycle riding shoes for women

These high-top sneakers look like your favorite sneakers while providing the safety of a complete boot. It has a strengthened toe and heel area, hydra guard water-resistant permeable membrane, double-density ankle protection, and a leather sole.

The shoe style is stylish on and off a bike and is made of waxed black leather. With Fly racing, you can navigate arid terrain and weather in style.

These shoes have a compound shank that isolates your foot from vibrations in the engine, a porous mesh interior, and detachable soft insoles to keep you comfy even on long days. Personalized custom-fit is possible with changeable laces.

Fly Racing Street M16 Shoes

Alpinestars Women’s J-6

Alpinestars Women's J-6

Alpine has a subtly incorporated impermeable membrane that provides total efficiency from water infiltration.

The top and cushioned liner are sandwiched between a heel protector, dual density, and a practical MX-derived ankle to offer comprehensive strategic protection and flexibility in crucial places.

The unique vulcanized rubber cup outer sole from Alpinestars offers superb fitting and support.

Anatomically shaped footbed made of Lyrca and EVA that is detachable and interchangeable provides additional support and comfort.

Alpinestars Women’s J-6

Scoyco Motorcycle Shoes

Scoyco Motorcycle Shoes

It is made of well-chosen, tough, and durable suede leather. The sturdy microfiber leather top is paired with a breathable inside to keep it dry and comfy.

Scoyco has a lightweight rubber outsole with excellent ground-grip ability, wear resistance, and performance.

Scoyco created the shock-absorbing technique with a highly elastic, ventilated insole that can swiftly evaporate sweat and absorb moisture. Toe and heel anti-collision safety design help increase stability and support.

Scoyco Motorcycle Shoes

Harley-Davidson footwear

Harley-Davidson footwear

This riding sneaker for women is suited for the streets. The shoe will keep you comfy on and off the motorcycle with its water-resistant full-grain leather, ventilated Hydro-Guard impermeable inner, and light rubber outer sole. It has a cement make and is also constructed with textiles.

Harley-Davidson footwear

Alpinestars Women’s Stella Sektor Shoes

Alpinestars Women's Stella Sektor Shoes

The interior of the heel features a microfiber suede non-slip surface and a very breathable covering made of sophisticated 3D mesh.

Beneath the microfiber exterior chassis are a heel counter and a secure toe box on the inside.

It has a sole made of a highly flexible, precisely mixed rubber that offers a rough grip, superb cushioning, and an incorporated reinforcement shank for increased sole stability.

These shoes have a replaceable anatomical EVA insole with a Lycra covering. The shoes also have copper mesh vents placed with care to promote ventilation.

Alpinestars Women’s Stella Sektor Shoes

Best motorcycle riding shoes for men

ILM Motorcycle Shoes

ILM Motorcycle Shoes

The flexible motorcycle shoes are made of impact- and water-resistant microfibre, which can offer all-weather protection.

The ankle and heel include PVC pad support to give comprehensive strategic safety and versatility in vital foot-sensitive spots.

Its gear shifter protection is made of wear-resistant microfibre in strong motorcycle boots that are highly durable and keeps the shoes safe.

The soles of the boots are composed of rubber with ABS and wear resistance to increase the shoes’ endurance and provide more stability in bad weather.

The shoes feature a distinctive casual and fashionable design that makes them a perfect complement to your denim and casual pants.

ILM Motorcycle Shoes 

Shima SX-2 EVO

Shima SX-2 EVO

Motorcycle shoes with gear switch pads made of rubber and strong heels, dual ankle reinforcements, and toe caps safeguard the foot and increase its longevity.

It includes permeable suede, which provides the best airflow throughout a ride and enables your foot to breathe after a hard day at the workplace.

The rubber sole is non-marking and oil resistant, with an embedded shank made of steel for added safety and sturdiness.

The sneakers come with two sets of shoelaces in fluo yellow and black for maximum compatibility with your bike accessories.

The basic black or brown will match your antique motorcycle jacket and are designed to provide the best level of ease and protection when riding.

Shima SX-2 EVO

Iron Jia’s Motorcycle Shoes

jia shoes

This shoe uses top rubber soles with diagonal lines that will function better at preventing slipping.

On the side, the shoe has a top-notch zipper design that makes it simple for the rider to put on and take off.

The enlarged forefoot design provides for equipment wear and tear. A light beam is placed on the heel to ensure the rider’s safety while riding at night. It is convenient since you can wear it casually even when not riding the motorcycle.

Iron Jia’s Motorcycle Shoes

Alpinestars men’s CR-X Drystar

Alpinestars men's CR-X Drystar

It is specially designed permeable windows for maximum ventilation and breathability, with smooth technology and sophisticated construction using thin mesh to enhance the design.

It has a membrane covering the outside and inside for unmatched all-weather efficiency. A taller tongue made of Nubuck microfiber offers excellent levels of wear resistance, while the vamp is made of mesh for further relaxation and airflow.

Use a hook and loop strap in addition to conventional lacing for a comfy, adjustable fit. Inner stabilizers within the heel counter and toe box provide support, rigidity, and damage tolerance.

Alpinestars men’s CR-X Drystar

Shima rebel-vented motorcycle shoes

Shima rebel-vented motorcycle shoes

It has a rigid layer that significantly impacts the protection of the toes and heel of the foot.  

Armor Plus material is applied to the ankle region, ideally reducing the impact of the blow by absorbing it.

It also has rigid TPU protection placed over the ankle. The premium sole offers exceptional comfort and good traction during the journey, and the crosswise support safeguards the foot from crushing.

The sneakers are made with porous, massive mesh panels for optimal ventilation, and the hole size is chosen to guarantee ideal air circulation.

To obtain the best possible amount of ankle stabilization, pass the shoelace over the red shoelace hole and fasten the shoe.

Shima rebel-vented motorcycle shoes

Motorcycle Riding Shoes Vs. Boots

When contrasting riding shoes with motorcycle boots, there are certain similarities and contrasts.

Both are excellent for riding, and each has a distinctive design. They are distinct in the following ways:

Motorcycle riding shoes


The top-rated motorcycle riding shoes have an ergonomic and protective design to meet your needs when riding a motorcycle.

Motorcycle shoes have a wide range of capabilities to enable you to ride your bike comfortably.

To aid in preventing wear, they have shift pads. They possess the toughness required to often transfer your bike’s gears without agony or discomfort, just like motorcycle boots do.


They protect the ankle bone or malleolus from trauma and abrasion. If you are in a collision, the shoes will shield your heel from being crushed.

Even more comfort characteristics, such as water resistance, are included in some shoes.


For optimal durability, motorcycle shoes are also made using high-quality materials. To resist the demanding riding conditions, these shoes, for example, have a sturdier sole than typical streetwear.

They have reinforcement in the toe box area, which raises their quality higher than a normal street shoe. Riding shoes are strengthened with steel which aid in endurance.


The fact that motorcycle shoes come in a variety of styles and features is a plus because it will be simple to pick a pair that matches your particular riding tastes.


These riding shoe styles have the added advantage of style. You can’t help but notice how fashionable the shoes are if you enjoy looking fabulous on your motorbike.

Motorcycle boots


Boots provide ankle reinforcement, shin protection, toe sliders, sole grip, and water resistance. They also have parts you can easily replace, such as buckles.


Your rides will be much more comfortable thanks to the toughness boots provide, which you’ll need when frequently changing the gear on your motorcycle. The shoes also often give a firmer, higher aggressive fit; this usually appeals more to sport bike riders.


Motorcycle-specific boots are available, and they are completely optimized for the safety and comfort of the riders.

The outstanding level of security boots provide you is one area in which they thrive and perhaps what sets them apart from shoes.

Since they extend beyond your ankles, this translates to the best defense against crushing, burns, and other possible road dangers.

To secure your calves, different boots are taller, reaching just below the knee portion, and they provide extra protection as they get taller.


It’s simple to get a pair of boots that matches your riding tastes and the current season because the boots come in many models.

These shoes’ various heights will assist them in fitting your particular riding style and bike. Adventurer boots offer anti-slip properties and a solid feel to match the off-road lifestyle.

What shoes can you ride a motorcycle with?

T motorcycle safety shoes must be fashionable and cozy to allow for all-day wear. When riding, your motorcycle shoes and boots are the best because they typically stay on your feet the entire day.

There are also sneakers specifically for bike riding that are stylish and safe. Please ensure they are well-fitted when buying, and try to fit and walk around the store. An uneasy pair will make the travel more exhausting and painfully long.

Do you need special shoes for riding a motorcycle?

Special shoes are necessary for any motorbike ride, from a quick trip to the store to a mountainous touring trip.

Some riders might not think they’re essential in every circumstance, which is not advisable.

Ordinary shoes do not offer sufficient abrasion and protection to be considered suitable for motorcycle riding.

Special shoes like boots and riding shoes shield the rider’s ankles and feet from road debris and provide safety in the event of an accident or spill.

When selecting motorcycle riding sneakers, ensure they are safe, as some are not well equipped to keep you safe.

Which shoe is best for bike riding?

Borleni motorcycle shoes

Borleni motorcycle shoes

Street-styled uppers with solid and breathable textiles are combined in motorcycle shoes for maximum comfort, durability, and style.

The heel and ankle incorporate PP protective shells to give overall critical security and flexibility in essential places.

Motocross safety boots with an extra reinforced toe cap and microfiber gear shifter safety. Wearing high-quality safety gear is vital when riding a motorcycle.

The rubber sole is wear-resistant and anti-skid for enhanced boot endurance and increased stability.

The side zipper design of the high-top motorcycle shoes makes putting them on and taking them off quick and straightforward. You won’t need to knot your laces often, and they have a comfortable and secure fit.

Borleni motorcycle shoes

What shoes should you not wear on a motorcycle?

You should not wear sandals, flip-flops, slippers, or other open-toed shoes when operating a motorcycle.

Only boots, footwear with closed toes, and motorcycle riding shoes are acceptable. This is because it might be a terrible and bloody situation if you crash your bike and your bare feet come into contact with the ground.

Closed shoes also offer ease when riding. Therefore, it makes sense to wear the appropriate gear if you value your money, license, and safety, among other things.


You can select various motorcycle riding shoe options, each with unique features. The ideal footwear for riding bikes is motorcycle riding boots or shoes.

Motorcycle boots are great for protection, but motorcycle shoes also offer style which makes them attractive.

When selecting a pair, safety is paramount, and you should avoid open shoes or those that are not secure.

Special shoes are essential; you can also match your bike and equipment. I hope this article will help you find the best motorcycle riding shoe that works for you.


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